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By the date of August/2012, Kirsten Dunst Online became a “Paparazzi Free” site. It means that no candids and any kind of personal pictures of Kirsten will be posted anymore. We will post just behind the scenes photos, like on set pictures and some arrivals at events, but absolutely no paparazzi photos. With the term “Paparazzi Photos” we mean Kristen’s personal/private photos, like while she’s shopping, leaving her home, driving her car, spending a day on the beach, having lunch with someone and similar.

We totally understand that a lot of people may be interested in paparazzi photography concerning Kiki, but we believe that her should have the rights to a personal life away from media speculation and intrusion. Let’s remember that we should draw lines between what’s Kiki’s public life and what is her private life. So, we’ll focus this website on her professional career, leaving her personal life to her and the ones she really want to share about it. Gossip notices won’t be posted either, to follow our new policy.

Thanks for your comprehension!

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