Just clearing up some rumours, thanks to indieWIRE:

Well, that was fun while it lasted. As you no doubt heard over the Easter weekend, the blogosphere lit up when a Twitter account supposedly belonging to Francis Ford Coppola‘s production company American Zoetrope tweeted, “Happy to announce that Kirsten Dunst has agreed to be in Sofia Coppola‘s new film ‘Secret Door’. Script is still being finished. Stay tuned!” Sounded too good to be true—and indeed, that was the case.

A few hours later some pretty obvious clues started surfacing much to our disappointment and chagrin. First, the Twitter account posted what purported to be eight pages of the script— some of the worst writing we’ve ever seen (Sample: “It was he, I pondered most of”)— and then the twitter account name changed multiple times over the day from Zoetrope Films to Sofie Coppola to MsSofia Coppola to SCoppolaFans and back to MsSofiaCoppola. Earlier today, the account more or less signed off saying “All joking aside, please follow @AmZoetrope ( for more news. This account will be deleted. Thank you. Nothing more to say. Bye.” Of course, this is a fake account too. We reached out to reps for Kirsten Dunst just to get the final confirmation of what we assumed and we’re not surprised by what we heard.

“I know they’d love to work together again but this project doesn’t even exist. Wishful thinking from someone!” a spokesperson for Dunst said. Why anyone would write a fake Sofia Coppola script is beyond us, but then again, people are writing fake “Batman” scripts so anything is possible we suppose.

So chalk it up to a bit of an excited sugar high from chocolate rabbits and quasi-hoax on the internet. But nothing to see here, please move on.



New candids of Kirsten leaving a gym in Los Angeles yesterday.


I’ve added new candids of Kirsten Dunst and Jason Boesel leaving the Pantages Theatre in LA on April 20th along with some candids of Kirsten picking up her dry cleaning on April 21st.

Interviews Melancholia

To absolutely no one’s surprise. Lars von Trier’s latest film, Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland and more, was announced today as competing in Cannes this year. Unusually for von Trier, the film has strong sci-fi elements, with Dunst’s character getting married just as an enormous planet is discovered that will soon smash the Earth into smithereens.

Until now, nothing has been known about the film, except for the director’s terse (and somewhat tongue-in-cheek) announcement that there will be “no more happy endings”. This week, however, a very cheerful von Trier broke cover to discuss the film – sight unseen – with Empire.

Despite the film’s disturbing premise, von Trier assured us that Melancholia will not top the genital-mutilating antics of his last film, the visually shocking and divisive Antichrist. Instead, he believes this film shows his more romantic side – although, as always with von Trier, that doesn’t mean the 54 year-old provocateur is finally going soft.

“As you can see in the trailer,” he told us, “Melancholia, [which is the name of] the planet, is kind of ten times bigger than the Earth, and I liked the idea of being ‘swallowed’ by Melancholia. I thought that was quite nice. And then I read today that that’s actually one of the virtues of romanticism – willingly being purified by dying. In fact, the film contains maybe more of the original idea of romanticism. I’m just saying that a lot of films today, their interpretation of romanticism is… quite boring, I think.”

In the meantime, anyone worried for the physical and mental well-being of Ms Dunst should know that, having put the likes of Emily Watson, Bjork, Nicole Kidman and Charlotte Gainsbourg well and truly through the ringer, aside from shooting a couple of (seemingly tasteful) nude scenes, von Trier went easy on the Spider-Man star.

“I think that Kirsten got off FAR too easy. FAR too easy,” he laughs. “She was not dragged through any masturbation. She had a very smooth ride, I would say. But she did an extremely good job.”

More of von Trier’s musings on the film, plus news of Melancholia‘s outrageous follow-up, will appear in a future issue of Empire.


Public Appearances

I’ve added some pictures of Kirsten Dunst at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2011 to the gallery. Enjoy!


I’ve updated the gallery with HQs from various of old Kirsten movies along with a new still from Melancholia.


A celebrity-led coalition of SoHo and TriBeCa residents, hoping for a last-minute reprieve from the construction of a Sanitation garage, had salt rubbed in the wound yesterday — and a lot of it.

In a unanimous ruling, the state Appellate Division gave a green light to a proposed Sanitation Department facility, including a salt-storage shed at Spring Street and the West Side Highway, despite opposition from the community and stars like James Gandolfini, REM frontman Michael Stipe, Jennifer Connelly, John Slattery and Kirsten Dunst.

The ruling paves the way to move much of Sanitation’s facilities from Gansevoort Street to near the entrance of the Holland Tunnel, much to the chagrin of those who live in the area and are concerned about a fleet of garbage trucks in the neighborhood.

Residents had filed a number of legal objections to the project, arguing that the city hadn’t taken enough of a look at the environmental issues raised by increased traffic into the neighborhood and that the city should have broken the $400 million, 120-foot-tall garage down into smaller pieces around the city.

The appeals court found that many of the group’s objections were filed too late and that the city handled the matter properly.

“The court . . . properly found that the city respondents took the requisite ‘hard look’ at the relevant areas of environmental concern and made a ‘reasoned elaboration’ of the basis for their determination,” the ruling said.

“DSNY conducted a meaningful analysis of the burdens associated with the project as it related to the equitable distribution of public facilities throughout the city.”

“Obviously, we’re disappointed,” said Michael Kramer, of 340 West LLC, which had sued to stop the construction.

He was unsure whether they planned to try to take the case to the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals. Because the Appellate Division ruling was a unanimous five-judge decision, they’d need to get special permission to file an appeal.

Elizabeth Freedman, of the city Law Department, hailed the ruling.

“This three-district Sanitation garage and salt shed is an important and necessary project,” she said.



Candids of Kirsten leaving a gym on April 13th

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