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  • Connie   October 2nd, 2011   Melancholia Public Appearances No Comments     

    I’ve added some pictures from the UK premiere of Melancholia where Kirsten looked absolute amazing in her Honor dress.

    Connie   October 2nd, 2011   Interviews News No Comments     

    Movie star Kirsten Dunst has German roots and now she’s got the passport to prove it. Dunst told the German newspaper the BZ that recently became a German citizen.

    “Now I’m a real international lady,” the newspaper quoted her as saying, “who can do films in Europe without any trouble at all.”

    Dunst’s father is German and her mother is Swedish, according to BZ.

    Dunst was speaking to journalists in London for the premier of her new film “Melancholia.” After filming the Lars von Trier movie, she said she traveled around Germany. She said she visits relatives in Hamburg often, but is especially fond of Berlin.

    “I’d rather buy an apartment in Berlin,” she said. “It’s just a younger city and right now so much is going on in Berlin.”

    Dunst can speak German, but only “kid’s German,” she said. She hopes that will change, however. “It would be greatest thing to be able to be able to act in a German film.”


    Connie   October 2nd, 2011   Bachelorette Candids No Comments     

    New candids from September have been added.

    Connie   October 2nd, 2011   Interviews News No Comments     

    Kirsten Dunst has revealed she would like to play Marlene Dietrich on the big screen.

    The Melancholia actress has German roots, thanks to her father Claus, and would love to do the screen icon justice.

    “I would love to play Marlene Dietrich in a movie. My dad is from Germany so I feel that would be a really cool and interesting person to play,” she said.

    “But who knows? I don’t know if there are any projects or if anybody is doing anything, but I would like to,” she added.

    Kirsten has a wide variety of roles on her CV, having starred in the Spider-Man films, Bring It On and Wimbledon. Her next big-screen outing is in Upside Down opposite Jim Sturgess and the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel On The Road.

    “As an actress, I’m not someone who is scared of doing things that are out of the box,” she explained.

    “I feel like I wouldn’t be doing Melancholia if I had any limitations within myself or to go to any places. For me, my favourite actresses are like Charlotte Rampling, people who have always stepped out of the box, from the restraints of being a certain type of woman or story, and I always liked those stories the best.”

    :: Melancholia is in cinemas now.


    Connie   October 2nd, 2011   Melancholia News No Comments     

    The actress, 29, was spotted in the back of a black car as it was held momentarily by a number of police officers.

    The driver and the passengers wound down the windows to find out what was going on.

    A police spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘The officers were assisting with security at the event and were helping the vehicle on it’s way.’

    Dunst had just left the red carpet bash for her new film Melancholia at the Curzon in Mayfair.

    The film is directed by Lars Von Trier and Dunst raved about working with him: ‘I would have done anything with Lars. I adore working with him. There’s no one who’s communicated emotion so simply and effectively to me than Lars. And he’s funny and a joy to be around.’

    ‘We get along really well. Mostly the people around him, producers, costume designers are all female so it was a very nurturing set to be on. So I felt very free to be vulnerable in that environment.’

    She added: ‘He doesn’t like to talk much and I appreciate that. I like people who know to put a certain chemistry of people and let them go. So to me the environment he creates really makes the film.’

    John Hurt, who plays Kirsten’s father in the film, also attended the premiere but her other co-stars Alexander Skarsgard, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland were not present.

    Connie   October 2nd, 2011   Interviews Melancholia No Comments     

    Kirsten Dunst, the 29-year-old actress who stars in Lars Von Trier’s new movie ‘Melancholia’, has revealed she and the director shared their own experiences of depression while working on the film. Speaking to reporters at the London premiere on Wednesday (28th September 2011), Dunst claimed hearing the controversial auteur’s experiences helped with her own struggles, reports the Independent.

    The actress, who sought treatment for depression in 2008, explained, “Lars opened up to me about his experience with depression and that in turn helped me open up”. In ‘Melancholia’, Dunst plays a bride who is struggling to enjoy her wedding celebrations while at the same time planet Melancholia is heading towards earth. Von Trier courted controversy earlier this year when he was declared “persona non grata” by Cannes Film Festival bosses for claiming he could understand Adolf Hitler. Despite his notoriety, the actress revealed how much she enjoy working for Von Trier, saying, “I would have done anything with Lars. I adore working with him. There’s no one who’s communicated emotion so simply and effectively to me than Lars. And he’s funny and a joy to be around”.

    Other stars to attend the premiere in Mayfair included veteran British actor John Hurt and Simon Pegg. Dunst’s co-star Alexander Skarsgard was absent.


    Connie   September 28th, 2011   Magazines Photoshoots Videos No Comments     

    Behind the scenes video and pictures from Kirsten’s photoshoot for Flare Magazine! I have also added a photoshoot outtake.

    Connie   September 25th, 2011   Bachelorette Candids No Comments     

    More on set pictures from Bachelorette.

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