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  • Jess   September 9th, 2012   Career Projects Videos No Comments     

    Head on over to Hollywood Outbreak to hear an interesting snippet of interview of Kirsten talking about how she chooses films, and her fanbase – it’s short but sweet!

    Jess   September 8th, 2012   Bachelorette No Comments     

    Bachelorette is now out in US cinemas! Following it’s incredibly successful debut on VoD last month, it is now available to watch on the big screen in limited US cinemas. If you haven’t seen it yet then be sure to head on out to your cinema next chance you get … and if you have seen it on VoD then why not enjoy it on the big screen too?! The film has been much-talked about since it’s intital release last month and it seems to be a love-it or hate-it kind of movie, but most people seem agreed on how awesome Kirsten is as the ultra-bitch Regan, and it definitely looks entertaining!

    If/when you see it, be sure to drop back in to let us know what you thought of it…

    If you can’t get enough Bachelorette then have a browse through our many recent updates with all the coverage from the promotion for the film. We have lots more photos from the events and appearances for you too :-)

    Jess   September 7th, 2012   On The Road Public Appearance Public Appearances Videos No Comments     

    As we posted about last night, Kirsten was at the premiere for her new movie On The Road held at the Toronto Film Festival last night, and I’ve now added another 50+ HQ photos from the event to our Gallery. Kirsten looked so pretty in a pale pink dress by Dior, with her hair styled in a very 1940′s style with loose curls and a Swarovski crystal clip. Kiki accessoried with a Van Cleef & Arpels Lotus ring.

    Check out the additional photos in our Gallery, and scroll down this post for an article about the event plus some videos.

    Jess   September 7th, 2012   Bachelorette Interviews Videos No Comments     

    Luciana   September 7th, 2012   On The Road Videos No Comments     

    Here’s a video with the Q&A after the premiere of “On the Road” at the Toronto International Film Festival:

    Luciana   September 7th, 2012   On The Road Public Appearances No Comments     

    Kirsten looks amazing in Dior at the red carpet of “On The Road”, at Toronto Film Festival:

    Check back later for more pictures.

    EDITED by Jess: The first HQ photos have been added to our Gallery, and you can expect many more tomorrow!

    Jess   September 7th, 2012   Bachelorette Interviews Videos No Comments     

    Dunst and Fisher break the mold in Bachelorette

    ‘Bachelorette’ stars Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan talk about not playing your stereotypical female in the comedy, while director Leslye Headland reveals the real reason she wanted to create a feature film.

    Jess   September 7th, 2012   Bachelorette No Comments     

    Lots of Bachelorette reviews are now popping up, which you can pick and choose from by searching “Kirsten Dunst” on Google News. I just came across this one from Time which has a nice bit about Kirsten that I thought was particularly worth posting:

    The best reason to see Bachelorette is Dunst, once a child star (Interview with the Vampire) with an uncanny ability to project maturity, now an actress with an ever-increasing range. In 2010 she was touching as a sunshine girl turned victim of domestic violence in the underrated All Good Things. Last year she had the key role in the acclaimed but not-exactly-multiplex-material Melancholia as the prescient depressive Justine. She’s done comedy before (Dick, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People) but it hasn’t been her specialty. Here she’s funny in a wonderfully old-fashioned way; you can imagine her teasing the hell out of Cary Grant. Regan is not just a stone cold fox (in the elegant white dress she wears for most of the movie she’d make Hitchcock swoon), she’s actually stone cold. “Chinatown!” she snaps at the hapless Asian wedding party planner before dressing her down for some minor canapé infraction. Regan learns a little and softens a smidge in the course of Bachelorette, but Dunst brings an edge even to that. I bet Bette Davis would love this Jezebel; I know I did.

    - Read the full review at Time

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